Mario! Mario! Mario!

Not since the movie The Wizard has Super Mario Bros. 3 been played on this many screens. It appears the game often touted as the greatest Super Mario of them all will be headed to the Wii U Virtual Console, as Nintendo’s main website has listed Super Mario Bros. 3 for its flagship system.

An identical listing also exists for a 3DS version of the game, indicating that Mario fans will be able to pick their portable poison with their choice of Mario 3 on the Wii U GamePad, 3DS, or even the newly released 2DS.

Famously introducing such series staples as the Koopalings and the Tanooki Suit into the Mario universe, Super Mario Bros. 3 caused a sensation upon its release way back in 1990. The game established the same tried-and-tested 2D formula later employed not only by Mario titles like Super Mario World and the New Super Mario Bros. series, but also by countless 2D platformers, most of which could never quite duplicate Mario 3’s near-perfect design and ingenious gameplay.

No definitive release date has been set for Super Mario Bros. 3, but with these two comprehensive listings appearing on, expect an eShop release announcement in the very near future.