Pier Solar Banner

Pier Solar HD, an enhanced re-release of WaterMelon's Mega Drive / Genesis title released in 2010, is certainly on the radar of various members of the Nintendo Life team. It promises a rather traditional piece of RPG gaming, but will come with a HD sheen on the Wii U eShop.

This HD release was successfully funded on Kickstarter way back in late 2012, and we'd already seen the estimated release of December 2013 slip back into Q1 2014. In a fairly lengthy video update posted by the studio's Tulio Goncalves, it's now been confirmed that — with development needed an extra "2-3 months" — the new target is March 2014 across all platforms. In the same update Goncalves spoke about attending Indiecade and exhibiting with Nintendo, stating that he was pleased with the reactions garnered by the title's fairly unique visual style, something that had pre-occupied the development team a great deal.

If you want to know more about this game be sure to check out our interview with WaterMelon and the video below, which shows the optional transition in game between 16-bit and HD visuals. Is this a game you're looking forward to downloading next year?

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