Well, the 'console wars', 'resolution wars' and 'tedious one-upmanship wars' are well underway, with some pinning their flags to a console and declaring all others null and void. Of course, that's not the healthiest or most useful way to go about enjoying video games, but some will do so nevertheless.

But still, it's OK to have multiple systems — assuming you have lots of cash to do so — and still have a sentimental attachment to one brand or other, so perhaps these skins from House of Grafix will help. If you pick up a PS4 or Xbox One and they're not Nintendo enough for you, then you can dress them up as darn pretty NES systems; let the Bit Wars commence.

They're reasonably priced, too, and we hope will bring unity to warring gamers. Oh, who are we kidding...

NES Xbox One

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