Well that isn't frightening at all, is it?

Anyone who has ever played the original Super Mario Kart or F-Zero on the SNES will recall the glorious Mode 7 graphical effect. Its ground-breaking rotating backgrounds had a way of inducing disorientation and ecstasy in players, like a 16-bit drug of the highest order.

SNES lover Alex Preston, creator of Hyper Light Drifter — one of the latest crowd-funded games arriving soon to the Wii U eShop — has hinted that the game may well attempt to recreate Mode 7 for a new age by incorporating the effect in a special "vehicle section" of the game.

Speaking to Red Bull Gaming, Preston also reveals that the final stretch goal — a SNES "demake" version of Hyper Light Drifter — was an entirely serious proposition. Despite the fact that the $1 million to hit this goal wasn't reached, Preston reveals that he wasn't joking about the idea:

This was serious — we all have a deep love for the platform, and that type of money would allow us to hire someone full time to 'down-port' the game. Of course, it would be a hefty task and there would be significant differences — fewer enemies, effects and animation frames due to memory limitations — though I think we could adjust and make something incredibly special with 'Super Hyper Light Drifter' regardless. It's a dream goal to put it up on my favorite console of all, and I hope to accomplish that dream sooner than later. Maybe once we release the game we will have the opportunity to accomplish this.

As we reported yesterday, the standard Wii U version of the game will already challenge even the swiftest thumbs, thanks to Preston's preference for a level of gaming difficulty more in line with the hair-tearing, controller-tossing, profanity-inducing titles of yesteryear. If that's the case, we can't imagine how tough an actual SNES version would be to complete, but here's hoping that we'll get the chance to try it soon.

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