Back in August Nintendo released Art Academy: SketchPad on the Wii U eShop, a budget-priced drawing tool that utilises the GamePad touch screen and allows full colour image posts to Miiverse. For artistically minded Wii U owners it's certainly a terrific option that can deliver impressive results; not long after its release we picked some of the resulting Miiverse posts as our early favourites.

The community now has over 105,000 active participants, more than trebling the numbers of a week after launch. More importantly it's still active, with new posts appearing with every passing minute. With that in mind, and with Super Mario 3D World in particular clearly capturing some imaginations, we thought we'd browse through the most popular posts of recent days to hunt out more exceptional examples to share.

Below — in no particular order — are ten drawings that stood out, and there are many, many more that are also fantastic. Not all are game related, but we think are pleasing on the eye; click on the usernames to visit and 'Yeah' the original posts.




Art Academy3


Art Academy2


Art Academy4


Art Academy5


Art Academy6


Art Academy7


Art Academy8


Art Academy9


Art Academy10

So those are some that we've appreciated so far — let us know what you think and post your own masterpieces or discoveries in the comments below. If you do want to share your own illustrations with the community, meanwhile, you could do worse than check out the Nintendo Life Artists forum thread; browsing the Art Academy: SketchPad Community is also recommended.