Grab a dozen

With the arrival this week of Pokémon X & Y, those that have yet to pick up a pre-order or decide on a store are likely to be weighing up a series of incentives before choosing a retailer or the eShop. In what's perhaps an extension of the increase in co-operation between Nintendo UK and Tesco, it's been confirmed that the retailer will offer a special extra incentive with copies marked as part of a promotion.

These copies of X and Y will entitle lucky buyers to a Serial Code, which has recently been confirmed as another method for receiving Mystery Gifts in the upcoming titles; there'll also be the expected options of local wi-fi, Nintendo Network and infra-red for picking up additional goodies. The code in question from Tesco will provide 12 Quick Balls, Poké Balls that could be essential for catching some of the nippier 'mon in the 6th Generation.

We suspect that retailers in various regions will utilise Serial Codes at launch and beyond for special distribution events. If you're in the UK, does this tempt you to grab your copy from a local Tesco?