This controller gets into all the clubs.

Have you been hearing this strange, quiet sighing noise ever since you got your limited edition Zelda Wii U bundle? It's probably coming from your old NES controller, wistfully eyeing that totally dope, gold-emblazoned GamePad and wishing it could have been as radically awesome in its day.

However, custom designer GAMERGRAFX has not forgotten the faithful gray rectangle and is now offering a stunning, Zelda-inspired overlay on its website. According to the designer's Instagram, the template took 6 months to perfect.

The overlay is currently going for $9.99. Unfortunately, GAMERGRAFX only fulfills orders within the US at this time, according to its FAQ. [UPDATE: the seller has now confirmed that orders outside the US are accepted.]

So how do you think this overlay holds up to the limited edition GamePad? Let us know below.