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Sometimes Club Nintendo sure takes its sweet time, waiting a whole day after the expiry of the last month's game rewards before dishing out a new set. The lovely people behind good old CN in North America may be cheeky scamps, but they have now updated the offerings over which you can mull.

This time around we have two titles available from the 3DS eShop — one retro and one DSiWare — and two from the Wii Shop which also consist of one Virtual Console title and a download-only release. The pattern is set then, clearly, and although the Wii U eShop's content is still out of bounds for these promotions, you can access the Wii games via the backward compatibility mode on the shiny new system, which is nice.

Without more aimless rambling, below are this week's offerings:

Touch Solitaire - 100 coins (3DS eShop)
The Legend of Zelda - 150 coins (3DS eShop)
ThruSpace - 150 coins (Wii Shop)
Super Mario Kart - 150 coins (Wii Shop)

These titles will all be available until 3rd November. Let us know if you plan to spend any hard-earned coins in the poll and comments section below.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (255 votes)

  1. Touch Solitaire  0.4%
  2. The Legend of Zelda18%
  3. ThruSpace3%
  4. Super Mario Kart18%
  5. Nothing for me this time61%

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