Pokemon X & Y Screen


Courtesy of a heads up from NintenDaan, we've now uploaded a higher quality version of this trailer and some 3DS eShop commercials below. Enjoy!

Original Article:

Pokémon X & Y is coming rather soon, and if you didn't know that then you're clearly not paying any attention to the world of the 3DS. Its arrival on 12th October can't come soon enough for some fans, and somewhat befitting of its status as a new generation in the franchise it's bringing its fair share of new ideas and features. By utilising the capabilities of the 3DS and Nintendo's growing confidence with online functionality and services, this could possible be the most in-depth, fully rounded experience that the series has seen.

Of course many of you already know this, but there's nothing quite like a loud, bright and undoubtedly awesome Japanese trailer to remind us of some of these features and build the buzz. The summary video below covers quite a few — not all, obviously — bases, and does so in a way that, frankly, only adverts from Nintendo's homeland seem to do so.

Check it out below and, remember, try to contain yourself from the dangers of spontaneous combustion.

[source destructoid.com, via youtube.com]