Oh boy. When I published our latest "Soapbox" piece about Grand Theft Auto V and how it may not be entirely suited to everybody's tastes (it takes all sorts to make the world go around, folks), I wasn't expecting a topic with over 500 comments.

It's been fascinating to see how polarised you guys are about this issue; some were overwhelmingly supportive of the stance (which, I should add, was totally my own and not necessarily representative of the Nintendo Life staff) while others were totally the opposite, accusing me of posting the piece "for hits" and "getting on my high horse". Soapbox topics are designed to generate debate — they're the view of a single person rather than a news report or feature — and I'm personally glad that the piece generated such as wide range of reactions from everyone.

However, one burning question remains: if Grand Theft Auto V did come out on the Wii U, would you buy it? Perhaps you were one of the people who replied to the soapbox with words of support for my view — if so, would you be willing to eat those very same words if the game suddenly arrived on the store shelves and plugged that considerable gap in the Wii U's third party library? Or would you stick by your guns and ignore the title? Perhaps you don't feel strongly either way?

Vote in the poll below to share your feelings on this matter.

Would you buy Grand Theft Auto V if it was released on Wii U? (1,147 votes)

  1. Yes, without question.46%
  2. Maybe - I'm undecided.14%
  3. No, it's just not my kind of game.36%
  4. No, I've already purchased it on another system.5%

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