Similar visuals to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Back in February, we reported that 3D cel-shaded platformer A Hat In Time could be coming to the Wii U, but nothing was confirmed at the time.

A Kickstarter campaign opened for the game towards the end of May, with developer Gears For Breakfast revealing it was in talks with a publisher about bringing it to the Wii U if all went according to plan. Being huge fans of the Big N, Jonas Kærlev — developer behind the title — hoped the outcome would be positive.

It now seems that things are looking up for a Wii U version, as Kærlev posted the following tease on his own personal Twitter account:


When questioned about what the good news could possibly be, he replied as follows:


Only time will tell if it's safe to say that A Hat in Time is officially coming to the Wii U, though we're glad that some news is coming for the platformer. What are your thoughts on this bit of information? Let us know in the comment section below.