The wonder of blue

The Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya has been speaking to the Japanese magazine Famitsu about the forthcoming game, and has revealed that the project is one of the biggest in the young company's history:

We've never used this size of a team and this amount of time to build a game before, and even so, this is the first time it's been so tough for me, especially towards the end of development. I suppose I'm getting what I deserved there.

In the same interview, Kamiya also spoke about the game's level of challenge, and touched upon comments he made previously about the game offering fun over longevity:

I'm not gonna say that you can button-mash the whole way, but you can also take more of a sheer force-oriented approach. It's easy enough to just finish the game, but if you try to work out better strategies and play a better, more stylish game, then it just gets deeper and deeper. I'd like people to just play the way they want, and hopefully they'll get addicted once they see all the things they're able to do. In that way, the entire first playthrough is something like a tutorial. I think the real game begins the second time through.

With action games I'm involved with, I don't want people to just play them one time through. Ideally I'd like them to play their whole lifetime. There are certain action games that I'm still playing to this day, after all. It's not because I want to see the ending, but because the gameplay itself is fun; it feels good to control. That's the kind of game I try to make, and while I don't like to say things like 'There's X amount of content until the ending,' I will say that there's more volume to this game than Bayonetta.

The Wonderful 101 comes out in North America on September 15th and Europe on August 23rd.