It's entirely possible that many saw the arrival of Summer Carnival '92 RECCA in last week's European download update, for the 3DS Virtual Console, and would have been none the wiser on what it actually is. We're currently working on our review, but when explaining that this is actually a shoot-em-‘up, it's understandable that some may not think of that genre when looking at the game's name without any knowledge of its background.

This game was actually developed by Naxat Soft as part of a "Summer Carnival" in, yep, 1992, with the goal of pushing the NES hardware to its limits; that means lots of sprites and effects to show just how much can be squeezed out of the 8-bit system. Most vitally, this game is exceptionally rare and was only released in Japan, meaning that the availability on the European eShop — and apparently on the North American platform at some point — is actually a rather unique opportunity.

Clearly aware that not all will know much about this game, Nintendo UK has released a trailer. It's action-packed and, we suspect, may get the attention of shmup fans.