Back in May we reported that Neko Entertainment would be bringing a Mysterious Cities of Gold title to Wii U and 3DS this fall but the developer revealed little other details.

More information has now appeared on the horizon, including the title of the upcoming game: Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths.

It's based on the cult Japanese-French anime series of the same name, which ran in Japan in the early eighties. The series itself has recently been revived and the game will complement the series nicely.

You take control of the three heroes Esteban, Zia and Tao in their quest for the Cities of Gold throughout the World. There are plenty of varied environments to explore, including deep Asian forests, the Forbidden City and of course the mythical Chinese City of Gold.

Interestingly, the game will expand alongside the cartoon on television and you can play the new levels for free as they unlock.

As you may have guessed, the gameplay has been centred around the touch screen and the developer states it is accessible to a broad audience and provides enough depth for advanced players using tough levels that require tactical swapping between the three heroes, each of whom have their own specific skills.

Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths will be available in October 2013 on Wii U, 3DS and iOS. Ynnis Interactive has taken up publishing duties and the game will only be available in French. Localisation and voice-dubbing of cinematics and dialogues into English and other languages will soon be proposed through a Kickstarter campaign.

What are your thoughts on this game? Would you put money towards an English language version? Let us know in the comment section below.