This game really is vintage Metroid

Earlier this week GameStop made a brief statement regarding the pricing of used copies of Xenoblade Chronicles in its various retail outlets.

The company said it had sourced new copies of the "vintage" title and claimed many more were on the way, including Metroid Prime Trilogy, which has become notoriously difficult to track down.

Now, true to its word, GameStop has released the rare Wii title and it's available to buy pre-owned from the website now for $84.99. There have been claims from a Kotaku source that the retailer is obtaining these copies "with no shrink wrap" so it is possible that they have never been played before and are therefore as good as new.

GameStop has said its pricing for these games is competitive and is based on the current market value driven by supply and demand. As we know there is plenty of demand for Xenoblade Chronicles and Metroid Prime Trilogy, which is why the price tag is so high.

What are your thoughts on GameStop's vintage releases? Would you like to see more like this or do you take issue with the pricing? Let us know in the comment section below.

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