New Super Luigi U has been available in the Wii U eShop for a while now and Europeans have been able to grab boxed version from retailers for a good few weeks.

North Americans have had to be patient, but the wait for a physical copy is nearly over. The packaged-disc version of New Super Luigi U will be available to buy from Sunday 25th August for $29.99.

Anyone who owns New Super Mario Bros. U will still be able to download New Super Luigi U from the eShop for $19.99, but the boxed copy may be appealing to those who do not own the original as you can play it regardless of whether you own Mario's adventure or not.

Another appealing factor for the physical copy is the lovely unique colour. Naturally, with it being the Year of Luigi it's that lovely shade of green and avid collectors will no doubt want to grab a copy to place proudly on their shelves.

You can find out what we thought to the game itself in our New Super Luigi U review.

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