Mario Kart: The MMO?

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games — or MMORPGs — are pretty addictive. The allure of a constantly connected world populated by other players and challenges is often too much for some people to resist, leading to gaming sessions which last for days rather than just a few hours.

According to researchers at Cardiff, Derby and Nottingham Trent universities in the UK, some hooked gamers are online for up to 90 hours at a time.

This is clearly a serious situation, and most certainly deserves to be reported on — so what does BBC Wales do? Posts the report up alongside an image of someone playing Super Mario Kart on the SNES — a version of the game which is only capable of supporting two players at any one time and certainly isn't connected to a persistent world (at least that's what we remember, but 1992 feels like a long time ago).

A classic case of some insightful and vital mainstream news reporting being undermined by sloppy research, or an honest mistake? We'll let you decide in the comments section below, but we doubt that Nintendo will be happy about being mistakenly associated with such a worrying piece of research.