Ittle Dew

The Legend of Zelda has certainly inspired a lot of developers ever since it emerged as a franchise over a quarter of a century ago and it looks as though Swedish indie studio Ludosity has taken a leaf or two out of Link's adventures with its latest game Ittle Dew.

Though the action-adventure style puzzler bears much resemblance to Zelda, it brings with it its own unique cartoony style and humour. As a game, it doesn't appear to take itself too seriously and the main protagonist, though dressed in green, isn't quite as noble as Link. Of course, she does have a flying companion following her around at all times, although instead of Navi she has a fox called Tippsie who aids in her mission to get rich and annoy as many of the island's inhabitants as possible.

Ittle Dew is available now on PC and Ludosity has confirmed Mac and Steam editions will appear later in July, with a Wii U, Linux and mobile version due later in the year.

Is this a game you're interested in playing? Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think to it in the comment section.