WaterMelon is a name likely to be well-known among retro gamers that want that elusive thing; a retro game that's brand new. If that sounds peculiar, it perhaps shouldn't, as this is a company that seeks out and hires specialists in the field. Wii U owners will see the studio in action, eventually, with the crowdfunded HD remake of its Mega Drive / Genesis title Pier Solar.

It's not all HD remakes for shiny new systems though, as the company is working on Project Y and Project N: the former is a cyber-punk beat-em-up for SEGA's 16-bit machine, while the latter is a SNES top-down action adventure game with plenty of mythology thrown in. The company is clearly kicking those projects up a notch, as it's contacted us to say that it's seeking "several highly experienced pixel artists" to work on these projects. It's not often that job vacancies give opportunities to work on genuine 16-bit games, yet that's exactly the case here.

If you're interested you can check out further details in this PDF. That takes the studio up to three projects, though for two of them you'll need to dig out your 16-bit hardware; if you want to know more about WaterMelon and its upcoming Pier Solar HD, you can check out our interview from earlier in the year.