Back in June Europe and Japan received an update to the StreetPass Mii Plaza that not only gave it a shiny new layout and some other minor tweaks, but also four new paid-DLC games. North America received a system update minus the StreetPass content, which was a little baffling and frustrating for those that fancied bringing some spice to their StreetPass shenanigans.

Well, the day has come, North America. System update 6.1.0-12U is now waiting for you on your lovely 3DS, and will bring with it the updated plaza and DLC store. Just think about all of those new hats and tokens you can collect.

The four games and pricing match up with Europe, so they're $4.99 each. There are some minor tweaks to the names, but the content is the same, and a bundle of all four can be bought at the discounted cost of $14.99.

  • Mii Force - Side scrolling shooter, where you're an elite team member of the space police; your mission being to heroically save StreetPass Galaxy from the Gold Bone Gang.
  • Flower Town - Become a Master Gardener. To progress, you need to grow lots of flowers and decorate your garden with people you meet. Mii encounters are very important as it helps your plants to grow.
  • Warrior's Way - A game of strategy and luck, you begin by ruling a remote country in a war-torn land; you build an army via Streetpass to battle other generals. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the world in this quest.
  • Monster Manor - You're a detective sent on a spooky paranormal investigation to solve the mysterious happenings at a haunted house. Reveal the truth, and battle your way to the top floor.

Satoru Iwata recently confirmed that more than 200,000 3DS owners in Japan and Europe had bought at least one of these games, and that was without much marketing; the North American release will surely give a big boost to those numbers. If you want a lowdown of how they stack up, we've also provided a StreetPass DLC hands-on / review. So, how many of you are rushing to the system update menu to get hold of these games?