Shadow of the Eternals might make it after all

Precursor Games has been trying to get its first ever project off the ground for a good while now. Back in May the developer - which is mainly made up of a handful of former Silicon Knights employees - opened up a crowdsourcing campaign on its own website in an attempt to obtain the funding required to release Shadow of the Eternals, the spiritual successor to the popular GameCube survival horror title, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

The project didn't go so well, though, as not much funding was being achieved through the site. For this reason, the studio opened up a Kickstarter campaign in order to create a little more awareness but it never really got going as people were simply confused about the whole thing.

Before the project came anywhere near its large goal, Precursor Games pulled all campaigns and promised it would be back. Earlier in July, the developer outlined some of the new additions to the new fundraising effort including contests and podcasts and now the new Kickstarter campaign has launched, but this time there's no sister-crowdsourcer running parallel on its website.

The goal for this new roll of the dice has been reduced from $1.5 million to $750,000. It was set to be an episodic game, but it appears this too has been thrown out of the window as the developer has stated it will provide an 8-10 hour playthrough. Fortunately, it's still down for a Wii U release should it hit that objective.

Interestingly, David Hayter is involved with the game. He's probably most famous for his voicing of Solid Snake, but he was also a part of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

If you decide to pledge $20 you'll receive a free copy of Shadow of the Eternals when it emerges and you get access to a hidden room too. In 29 days time we'll hopefully know once and for all if this one will see the light of day or not.

Does this new campaign tempt you to back the project? The teaser trailer to the game is below. Let us know your thoughts on the fundraising effort in the comment section.