Tomodachi Collection has played its part

With data for the first half the year now long-since collated, we've gradually been given more information on Nintendo's positives and negatives so far in 2013. One major positive has been the Japanese market, where the 3DS has reigned supreme and a number of software releases have set up residence in the country's top 20.

Japanese publication Famitsu has completed its summary of software sales for the first half of the year in Japan, and unsurprisingly Nintendo was the most successful publisher. You can see the overall results and some platform top-sellers below.

Software sales

1. Nintendo – 5.19 million
2. Namco Bandai – 3.48 million
3. Square Enix – 2.06 million
4. Konami – 1.20 million
5. Capcom – 1.12 million


1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 1.37 million
2. Dragon Quest VII – 1.21 million
3. Tomodachi Collection – 1.20 million

Wii U

1. New Super Mario Bros. U – 140,000
2. Nintendo Land – 110,000
3. Dragon Quest X – 70,000


1. Taiko Drum Master – 190,000
2. Mario Party 9 – 50,000
3. Wii Sports Resort – 40,000

The low Wii U figures are no surprise due to the system's userbase and struggling momentum in the region and elsewhere. It's also worth bearing in mind that these figures only represent this year and — possibly — only physical retail sales; Animal Crossing: New Leaf's overall sales since launch in October 2012 (according to Media Create) are well over three million retail sales, with at least a million eShop sales likely (based on statements by Nintendo). These results show that, even in a lean spell on the home console front, Nintendo is still the top software performer in its homeland.

With the upcoming Wii U and 3DS lineup for the rest of this year, we'd expect the numbers to be even higher in Famitsu's summary of the second half of 2013.