One of many headline sales strategies from Nintendo right now is to encourage us to 'go digital' and download our retail titles. It's an idea that is producing some dividends on the 3DS, particularly as the convenience of readily accessible games is so useful with a portable device. It seems that the drive to encourage us onto the eShop is a big part of Wii U strategy too, with an interesting promotion being lined up in Japan.

As translated from a regional blog by Siliconera, upcoming Wii U releases will be initially available at a 10% discount on the eShop. It's a promotion for early birds, with the 10% discount only available during its first week of release, starting with the release of Pikmin 3 later this month.

Wii U E Shop Promo Japan

While the Wii U doesn't have the selling point of portable convenience, owners of the 32GB premium / deluxe system (worldwide) are members of the Nintendo Network Premium package, which accumulates points from purchases that become £5 / $5 / €5 discount codes on their account. If retail games are available at a price competitive with retailers, then it could potentially be rewarding to accumulate points for eShop discounts.

We're yet to see whether a promotion like this will be introduced outside of Japan, as it may come down to regional relationships and positions with retail partners. If an offer like this did come to the West, would you hit the Wii U eShop for some big retail releases?