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More than a week ago, EarthBound arrived on the Wii U Virtual Console, with Nintendo adopting a shock tactic by releasing the long-awaited title with no advance notice. Though the merits of dropping one of the Nintendo community's most talked about games onto the service in that manner can be debated, what is beyond doubt is that it caused quite a stir, dominating social network chatter for a few hours before, naturally, many downloaded it and started playing.

With such a long wait finally over, it's been a big opportunity for long-suffering fans, and also those that didn't sample its delights when originally released on the Super NES; its North American release wasn't a commercial smash and it never even arrived in Europe. Those combined audiences seem to have helped it along to pleasing sales, topping the "recent bestsellers" list in various regions and bringing it into the top 10 of the equivalent all-time Wii U eShop charts; that's despite a higher-than-standard price.

A good barometer of a game's impact nowadays can also be found on Miiverse, and the EarthBound community is already up to nearly 20,000 active members, already making it one of the most popular Virtual Console areas of the network. What's also striking, when browsing posts, is just how much the current Wii U audience is enjoying the title and its quirky dynamics. It's a unique experience, which is going down well.

We've decided to pick out some fun and positive posts from Miiverse to show just how EarthBound is being received by some Wii U gamers; check them out below.

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So those are some EarthBound Miiverse posts that we enjoyed when browsing its community, so let us know what you think and link to your own favourites in the comments below.