Swap shop

Skylanders Swap Force is going to be a big title for the Wii U this year, but it's easy to forget that the original Wii is getting its own version, too. Family Gamer TV got chance to speak with Vicarious Visions CEOs Guha and Karthik Bala about the Wii version and was given some very positive information.

Having discussed the visual improvements of the PS4 and Xbox One versions, the studio heads were asked whether the Wii version is the same — in terms of pure features — as these games.

Guha Bala responded:

Beenox has been able to use the Alchemy Engine that powers all the versions of Swap Force. They have take over all the gameplay, toy compatibility and levels and systems and make that all available on the Wii.

This suggests that not only will the Wii version of the game offer the exact same levels and functionality of the more beefy console versions, but also that it will be graphically equivalent – just at a lower resolution.

As Bala explains:

Of course, the Wii is a 480p system so it’s not a High Definition system so to speak, and so graphics wise it will have that type of outlook, gameplay wise it will be very, very close to everything else.

While other franchises — like Lego Marvel Super Heroes — are backing off from providing a Wii version now the next generation consoles are in sight, it’s good to see that Activision have made the call to continue supporting the original Wii.