Nintendo's E3 was certainly a bit different this year, as rather than a laser-focus on the events of a live presentation, it had the feel of revolving around multiple video releases — starting with the E3 Direct. There were the developer videos, which gave some enjoyable insight, while the standard round tables and media presentations fleshed it all out; attendees, of course, got to enjoy hands-on time and the rather impressive booth area that Nintendo had developed.

Nintendo's now produced a slick video that neatly summarises the various reveals, broadcasts and E3 venue events that took place over the last few days. We also get a better look at the various sets that have spawned plenty of fun pictures online.

It's a neat summary of Nintendo's E3, and one that we feel successfully shows that it wasn't at all bad, even if some fan expectations weren't met; but that's always the case. Check it out below.