Nintendo announced a new type of Pokémon during its E3 Nintendo Direct - the Fairy type. It's super effective against dragon types, which is definitely a good thin considering how tough they can be! All of a sudden Jigglypuff doesn't look so weak anymore!

The Fairy type will make its debut in Pokémon X & Y and as promised more information on the game was dealt out during a developer round table after the main presentation.

During this roundtable Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of the Pokémon Company, and Junichi Masuda, director at Game Freak, announced some new battle modes as well as how you'll play with your friends both in a local environment or on the internet.

Naturally, it wouldn't be a Pokémon roundtable without some newly announced 'mon. First up there's Clauncher, a Water Pokémon with a crab-like appearance. It'll be able to crush its opponents with its signature move, Crabhammer, which is more likely than other moves to achieve critical hits.

The other two are Skrelp, a Water and Poison type seahorse, and a new Fire and Flying 'mon called Talonflame that can reach incredible speeds.

Flying types will be able to partake in a new type of battle in Pokémon X & Y called Sky Battles. Naturally these fights take place in the air so only flying types, and other Pokémon with the Levitate ability such as Haunter, can take part. When walking around you'll see trainers standing high on cliffs or in other distant places who will want to battle, but you'll only be able to challenge them if you have Pokémon in your party who can fly.

In previous Pokémon titles, battles have always had the same number of 'mon on both sides, for example the standard one-on-one scenario or a Dual or Triple Battle. In Pokémon X & Y there will also be Horde Encounters that will add a whole new challenge to the player and will test the endurance of your Pokémon .

During these types of battles, multiple wild Pokémon attack at once with only one 'mon available on your side. In these encounters, you'll need to make sure your Pokémon has an attack that can damage multiple foes at once - such as Blizzard - in order to get ahead, or else you could find yourself fainting very quickly.

Also announced was a new communication feature which will be debuting in Pokémon X & Y - the Player Search System (PSS).

Ishihara and Masuda went on to speak about the Player Search System (PSS), which is essentially an application that can be found at the bottom of the touch screen and will allow players to interact with other players they StreetPass with.

If you don't pick up a lot of StreetPasses though, do not despair, as you can switch from the Local Wireless Connection setting to the whole internet, and there's bound to be some Pokémon trainers knocking about there to battle and trade with.

Fortunately, you'll also be able to customise your trainer more than ever before, so everyone won't come to the party dressed in the same outfit.

What are your thoughts on all this new information? The three new Pokémon can be seen below along with a little highlight reel of the developer roundtable. As always, let us know what you think in the comment section.