Nintendo announced the Nintendo Web Framework during the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco in March. Essentially, it provides a method of developing software for Wii U by using open web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript.

Since then it appears to have been a hit with small developers as more than 1,000 have registered their interest in developing games for Wii U, according to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata who was addressing analysts at the E3 analyst briefing.

We have received great feedback. We have been in contact with more than a thousand parties.

Even though software for dedicated gaming devices has become advanced and complex, we have been working on those new approaches to expand the range of developers for the platform. As digital business expands, there will be even more opportunities for us to do business with small, independent software developers.

With the rise of digital gaming it appears the Wii U eShop is opening the door for more indie developers to get a foothold in the market. Hopefully we'll see more great titles appear for download on the eShop soon.

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