There used to be much more vacation time between games

There’s no doubt Nintendo has been putting its world-famous plumber to work. Since New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 2009, there has been at least one new Mario platformer released each year. The pace has felt even faster recently, with the expected December arrival of Super Mario 3D World marking the third Mario platformer seen in two years (the fourth if you wish to count New Super Luigi U).

In an interview with Shack News, Nintendo of America Sr. Director of Corporate Communications Charlie Scibetta was posed the question: has there been too much Mario lately? Scibetta’s answer, unsurprisingly, is no, and he cited variety as the factor keeping the brand fresh:

We think we're putting out the right number of Mario games based on what fans are asking for, based on what our own developers' creative visions are. The key to that is as long as there's innovation occurring within the gameplay, as long as there's new features, then marrying the characters and the IPs that people love is the right call from our standpoint.

When asked whether Nintendo would be better served investing more of its resources into new IPs, Scibetta responded that the gameplay of recent Mario titles would feel like new properties if Mario wasn’t associated with them:

You could call all the games that we're making here new IP in the sense that they're new gameplay experiences. They just happen to also have the IP that people associate with.

Are you satisfied with the current lineup of Mario titles or you feeling some plumber fatigue? Let us know.

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