Flipnote Studio 3 D

While Flipnote Studio 3D is set to arrive in Japan on 3rd July, Nintendo of America has now launched a new official website packed with details about the free title, including a release window and details on the optional subscription service to be offered.

Though there's no precise date, it's listed to arrive in early August, while more details are given on how the gallery system will operate. The free Friends gallery will be an area that you can open and share with users on your friend list. You can create or participate in galleries with up to 20 others, where you can rate, post comments and download animations that you like. You can run two galleries at any one time, and they remain open for a 15 day period; when one closes, you can open another. It seems like a system ideally suited to organising themes and contests with buddies.

The World gallery is more in line with the Hatena service from the DSiWare title, and Nintendo has confirmed that it'll carry a cost of $0.99 for a 30-day license in the U.S., with prices to vary depending on regional currencies. You'll be able to access this service for free between 3pm and 7pm every day on your local time, but posting comments, rating Flipnotes and downloading those you like require you to spend in-game coins, and you'll receive a set amount with each 30-day subscription.

You can also earn these coins by picking up points through your actions; as a Flipnote Creator you'll earn Coin Points if your posted flipnotes get rated highly by the worldwide community. Alternatively you can be a Flipnote Collector, where you find, rate and collate quality Flipnotes into a collection that then serves as a gallery for others to view; if a lot of visitors check out your gallery, you pick up Coin Points. Though the details are yet to be fleshed out, performing well in either role will earn you a free 30 day pass, saving you the $0.99 subscription for that month.

You can check out the full description of the services and features at flipnotestudio.nintendo.com/3d/, which will be updated further before launch. So, are you excited about showing off your artistic skills in August?

Thanks to Joey Cummens for the tip.