Beating some chests

Nintendo has announced Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Kong's first HD outing, Tropical Freeze introduces a new enemy - bloodthirsty Vikings. Kong's island paradise is invaded by these sea-going foes, forcing him to journey to five other islands to defeat them.

The game will boast a two-player mode, with Diddy and Dixie Kong coming along for the ride. Donkey Kong Country Returns allowed the player to move in and out of the screen, but in this sequel, the power of the host platform will be exploited to make things even more dynamic, allowing the perspective to constantly shift, twist and turn.

Tropical Freeze will be released this November in North America. No mention of who is developing it, but we've heard from our friends at Eurogamer that Retro Studios is behind the wheel.

Could this be what Retro has been working on all this time, or has the studio got another title waiting in the wings?

UPDATE: Nintendo of America has confirmed via its Twitter account that the game is the work of Retro: