At the end of May Gears For Breakfast opened up a Kickstarter campaign for the beautiful 3D cel-shaded platformer A Hat in Time. The campaign is in its final days now and it has not only achieved its set target but has smashed through every single stretch goal too.

A Hat in Time will now feature a co-op mode, full voice acting, a bonus chapter, New Game+ and even a tune devised by the former Rare composed Grant Kirkhope - the man behind soundtracks to the likes of Banjo Kazooie and GoldenEye 007.

At the moment, Gears For Breakfast is releasing the new title on Windows and Mac and most likely Steam as well. The developer has stated it plans to release console versions in the future and is in talks with a publisher about a Wii U adaptation.

This interesting looking title takes inspiration from the Nintendo 64 era of collection platformers that really defined the genre. However, Jonas Kærlev, the head of the studio, recently said he wants to strike a healthy balance with the collect-a-thon element of A Hat in Time as he believes some titles - namely Donkey Kong 64 - overdid it.

There are three days left to run on the Kickstarter campaign and the developer may yet add more stretch goals. It's currently sitting on just over $200,000 of funding and for every $15,000 more it gets, Grant Kirkhope will compose another track.

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