Would you like to see FAST come to Wii U?

Shin'en Multimedia has amassed a wealth of experience in developing games for Nintendo systems. For the 3DS it has Nano Assault Ex, Art of Balance TOUCH! and the upcoming Jett Rocket II - The Wrath of Taikai, while it has also developed Nano Assault Neo for Wii U.

While many people see the Wii U as next generation, sitting alongside the PlayStation 4 and the newly announced Xbox One, there are several people who believe it is part of the previous generation.

However, in an interview with GameReactor, art director at Shin'en Multimedia Martin Sauter defended the Wii U hardware and said it is most definitely a next generation console:

Of course the Wii U is not the big leap hardware power-wise but it is a big leap to the Wii and to be honest I think we've reached a point where we don't need so much more hardware power - we need better games. For every game you can make it look so good that it's good enough for everybody and I think the Wii U is a good compromise between price point - because don't forget you have a tablet controller, you have a great hardware base and it's much better than everybody reads. It's better than Xbox - sorry, it is better - and you can squeeze lots out of it, but you have to really work hard on it and I think you can make great games with it.

I'm not sure if a much more powerful PS4 will produce much better looking games. We've reached a point where good games will sell and I think the steps will be much much smaller in the next generation.

The studio is currently putting the finishing touches on Jett Rocket II - The Wrath of Taikai and has two Wii U titles in the works as well. When asked if one of them was a sequel to a racing game, Sauter replied that it could well be and that the developer is working very hard on pushing the hardware.

It's been one of the worst kept secrets that Shin'en is working on a racing game, which is highly likely to be a sequel to FAST - Racing League - released on WiiWare in 2011.

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