So many classics to choose from

A little while ago the Nintendo Life team voted for its favourite NES games, which included plenty of classics and closely-fought tied positions. Our ultimate winner was Super Mario Bros. 3, and at the end of the feature we promised that you, the community, would have the chance to vote for your own top 10 NES games.

We initially said we'd get back to you within a few days, by which we really meant weeks, but the time has now come. You can choose your 10 favourite NES games and email that list to [email protected] right now. There are very few rules, but bear these points in mind:

  • Only vote for 10 games and clearly mark them from number 1 (your favourite) down to number 10. If your list isn't marked clearly, your votes can't be counted.
  • There are no limits on multiple games per franchise, though obviously only one vote per individual game.
  • You can only vote for games released on and licensed for the NES; this means no mods or homebrew projects.
  • Only votes received by email will be counted.
  • Votes close at 11:59 UK time on Thursday 18th April, which is 18:59 Eastern, 15:59 Pacific.

And that's it! The results will be published this weekend, so remember to email your clearly marked list to [email protected] to have your say in the Nintendo Life community's NES favourites list.