Star Fox is twenty years old this year, and to celebrate that fact, translating powerhouse GlitterBerri has taken the comic intro to the Japan-only Star Fox: Mission File Printout guide and adapted it for English audiences.

Featuring the artwork of Benimaru Itoh, the guide reveals the back story of the game and interestingly introduces two Lylat Defence Force members — Desslar Coba and Bear Noguccini — who were responsible for providing vital intelligence but are MIA at the start of the game. These characters were never referenced in any of the other Star Fox titles.

It's amazing to think that Star Fox is now two decades old; we can still vividly recall the day we loaded it up and thought to ourselves that graphics simply could not get any better. Check out our feature about the making of the game here, and catch up with our staff round-table on the entire series as well.