Just drop the guns and forget about 'em, pal

Aliens: Colonial Marines is one of those games that may never see the light of day on the Wii U — many of you may not be bothered at this stage about its status, but it's still a pity nonetheless.

As we all know, the game was scheduled for release in the Wii U launch window, which technically ended on the 31st March — five days ago. You can already see where this is going, right?

SEGA declined to comment — as it has done previously — on the game's progression when questioned by GameSpot:

Still no comment on ACM, sorry!

We reported yesterday that SEGA had admitted that the trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines was misleading, after a Reddit user reported it to the Advertising Standards Agency.

It's a shame that the whole thing is such a mess, but will we ever see it launch on the Wii U? More importantly, does anyone even care any more? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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