Aliens: Colonial Marines is one of those games that nobody seems to know anything about. We reported last month that it was scheduled for release in the Wii U launch window, which technically ends on the 31st March — Sunday week, to be exact. But where is it?

A representative for SEGA was questioned on the game's status, to which they replied:

We’re still not commenting on [Aliens: Colonial Marines] at this point. Sorry, I don’t have better news.

An even less informative reply came from a representative for the developer, Demiurge:

I’m sorry to say that we at Demiurge can’t really comment.

There has been so many rumours behind the the title, such as it being postponed, and that it was the worst version of the game compared to other platforms.

What do you make of this news? Are you still planning to buy it, despite the bad press? As always, let us know.