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Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has long been intrigued by’s lack of direct supply when it comes to Nintendo consoles. Now he has reported on another unusual habit: the advertising of other brand names on Nintendo consoles’ product pages.

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Looking up Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles on Amazon shows in-page ads for Xbox and PlayStation, respectively. The ad on a 3DS page, however, asks you to “Also Consider the PlayStation Vita” while the Wii U’s ad informs you that the PS4 has been recently announced.

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Wii U and 3DS systems can still be purchased on Amazon’s American site, but are mostly fulfilled by third parties. The only Nintendo system currently has in its own stock is the original Aqua Blue 3DS. Nintendo games, on the other hand, are readily fulfilled by Amazon and its UK branch appears to be supplied with both kinds of consoles.

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The reasons for the lack of Amazon Nintendo consoles in the U.S. and the cross-brand advertising are unknown. Schreier says he has reached out to both Amazon and Nintendo regarding the issue, but neither has replied. What are you thoughts on this potentially questionable practice? Do you think Amazon has a grudge against Nintendo, or is this just paranoia on Schreier's part? Post a comment to give us your feedback.