Don't get too attached.

At this year's GDC, Ubisoft Montpellier gave a post-mortem discussion on their Wii U launch title, ZombiU, discussing the genesis of the game and the unique approach they took to involving the player in the story.

First shown at E3 2011 as the darkly comical Killer Freaks From Outer Space, story design writer Gabrielle Shrager explained that the game's concept changed because the original enemies, which resembled the deranged stars of the Rabbids series, were too small and quick to work with the game's multi-screen gameplay.

The developers also discussed the challenges of the game's central features, permadeath and "generic" protagonists. Shrager noted that these two features helped create a unique narrative for the player, as they grew attached to the characters they were playing as for longer periods of time. The addition of the omnipresent voice of the Prepper — who assists the player throughout the game — helped to form a unique storytelling method that cancelled out a more traditional protagonist.

What did you think of ZombiU? Did you like playing silent, anonymous characters? Would you have enjoyed the game if the enemies were more like the Rabbids? Let us know in the comments section.