It may be smaller but it still packs a punch!

The Nvidia TegraZone website has been updated with game information for the mobile port of High Voltage Software's The Conduit, and it appears that the game will be receiving a HD update. Tegra-based chipsets can be found in smartphones and tablets.

Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer for High Voltage Software, has been quoted in the game's description on the TegraZone website as saying that the mobile update will surpass the Wii version in terms of visual quality:

"The Conduit HD looks even better than the original! With the power of the Tegra chipset, we are finally able to deliver console-quality visuals on mobile devices."

Unfortunately, there's nothing to suggest that we'll be seeing a HD version for the Wii U any time soon — although it could happen, given the growing popularity of the Wii U eShop. The mobile game's current release date is simply listed as "Q1 2013".

Would you like to see The Conduit return to Wii U in HD form? Let us know in the comments section below.

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