Don't worry Link, I'll save you

Recently, we saw Pauline switch roles with one-time romantic attachment Mario, and now it's the turn of Hyrule's most celebrated couple to change places.

Animator Kenna W. decided to mod The Legend of Zelda to realise one of her childhood dreams — to get to play as the titular princess:

For me, I played my first Zelda game when I was pretty young, and at the time, I thought the game did star Princess Zelda. I figured I'd get to play as a magical battle princess that saved her kingdom. The game was fun, but I was bummed out that I never got to play as Zelda.

Using a sprite editor, Kenna created the mod in around four days. It's actually a patch which can be applied to existing ROMs, neatly avoiding potential copyright infringement. Link remains in the game, but this time he's the one who needs saving.

What do you think about this mod? Did you ever wonder why you couldn't play as Zelda, seeing as she's mentioned in the title of the game? Or do you think games should be left as they are, and as their creators intended them to be experienced? Leave a comment to let us know.

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