GameStop has been left disappointed by Wii U sales

Earlier in the month, GameStop President Tony Bartel said Wii U sales had been slower than the company had anticipated and that the system would need some great first party titles in order to compete.

The games retailer recently had its post-earnings financial call, which has been reported on by GameSpot. During the talks CEO Paul Raines stated that although Wii U sales during the launch in November exceeded the company's expectations, the figures since then had been "disappointing".

Raines gave two main reasons why Nintendo has not managed to shift as many Wii U systems in 2013 as it would have hoped.

The first is its marketing strategy, which GameStop says has "not broken through the way that it needs to", claiming consumers do not fully understand the features of the console and the GamePad:

We still have an education process we need to go through.

Reiterating Bartel's recent statements, Raines said Nintendo needed to bring more high quality first party titles to the Wii U. Though he admits New Super Mario Bros. U is a blockbuster title, he said there had been little since then, meaning adoption of the new hardware remains relatively low.

However, GameStop gave Wii U its full backing during the talks, with the company saying the system will "take off" with the addition of more first party titles.

Nintendo will soon be releasing Pikmin 3 and has several other games in the works, such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, a new 3D Mario, a new Super Smash Bros. title and many more.

What are your thoughts on GameStop's comments? Do you think the marketing strategy for Wii U could be improved? Let us know in the comments section below.

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