GameStop thinks things will improve

It's no secret that Wii U sales have been a bit on the sluggish side in 2013, but many retailers are hopeful they'll soon pick up once a few more games start being released.

One games retailer that has been disappointed with the number of Wii U units flying off the shelves is GameStop. In an interview with Forbes, the company's president Tony Bartel said that since the holiday launch of the system, sales had been slower than expected. However, he believes that with Nintendo launching some of its biggest IPs over the next few months, sales will most likely bounce back as more and more people begin to take note of what it has to offer.

Nintendo was the first company to jump into the next generation of gaming and many are wondering how the Wii U will fare when Sony and Microsoft release their home consoles into the wild. Bartel believes it will be the actual games that end up selling the consoles:

Software will play a big role in each console’s success over the holidays. We’re already seeing great developer and publisher support for PS4, so Wii U will need some great titles, especially first-party titles, to compete.

At the moment Bartel thinks that not enough people actually know about the Wii U and its features, which has been a major problem in generating sales:

There’s also a need to increase consumer awareness of the new features available on the Wii U and its tethered tablet features.

Wii U has a few exclusive titles coming out in the first half of 2013. LEGO City: Undercover will be on the shelves very soon, for example, and Pikmin 3 should certainly help when it emerges.

Do you think Wii U sales will start to improve in the next few months? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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