Our eyes are on Color Commando

Developer Circle Entertainment has revealed a list of all its titles for 2013 and the level of support is pretty damn impressive.

We already know about some of these games, but there are a few new names thrown into the mix, too. Some are ports, some are follow-ups and some are brand-new offerings.

  • Goony (DSiWare, Q1)
  • Achilles War (DSiWare, Q1)
  • Publisher Dream (DSiWare, Q1)
  • Swords and Soldiers 3D (3DS eShop, Q1)
  • Witch and Hero (3DS eShop, Q1)
  • WAKEDAS (3DS eShop, Q2)
  • Color Commando (DSiWare, Q2)
  • Cafe Dream (DSiWare, Q2)
  • I am in the MOVIE (DSiWare, Q2)
  • Banking Dream (DSiWare, Q2)
  • Cinema Dream (3DS eShop, Q2)
  • Castle Conqueror: Heroes 3 (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • World Conquest (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • Rhythm Scape (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • Toy Defense (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • Sweet Memories: Poker Night (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • Puzzle Craft (3DS eShop, Q4)
  • Lair Land Story (3DS eShop, Q4)
  • Lair Land Story 2 (3DS eShop, Q4)

Any names there you recognise or are excited about? Drop a comment to let us know.

[source gonintendo.com]