Ubisoft has been cruel and kind to Wii U recently. Of course there was the now infamous announcement that the publisher would be delaying Rayman Legends until September to allow for a multiplatform release, then it made a peace offering with the announcement of an online challenge mode for the delayed game that would be available exclusively in the Wii U eShop this April.

It didn't stop there in its appeasement, however, as the company announced a Wii U eShop sale in North America for all six of its current Wii U retail games, knocking 30% off the full price.

Ubisoft has arguably been very supportive of Nintendo's new system, despite the delay of Rayman Legends. As mentioned, it already has six games available on Wii U and very recently it announced Watch_Dogs would also be coming, showing that it does still back the console.

In a recent interview with GameKult, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot was asked if Rayman Legends' delay signalled that his company was lessening its support for Wii U. Guillemot responded by saying the following (translated from French):

No problem with the Wii U. In fact, we saw the opportunity, by giving more time, to have the best game ever made for the Wii U. Teams began to show what they made with the whole social aspect, which they will release in April. This makes it possible to make a social part which was impossible until now, and additional bosses.

The goal is to make one of Ubisoft's best games. The team is fully on Wii U to do that, but it also works on other generations, to arrive on several generations at the same time.

Guillemot said Ubisoft was not wholly satisfied with the sales of Wii U after the holiday period and that it was monitoring the situation closely. He appeared confident sales of the console would pick up soon though, saying that he trusted Nintendo to boost the system's prospects:

I don't have a recommendation, Nintendo is big enough to analyze the different things to do. Many games are coming soon, which should help the machine to resume sales.

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