Remember the Wii Mini, released in Canada late last year? With a top-loading disc-drive, no online connectivity of any kind, SD slot or even support for component cables. It's the basic Wii with much stripped out to allow an even lower retailer price than the standard last-gen model, no doubt targeting those on exceptionally tight budgets, or just keen hardware collectors.

As we speculated at the time, it seemed unlikely that Nintendo would go to the trouble of developing and manufacturing a new form factor just to release in one country, and today it looks as if Europe is next on the agenda. Various regional sites, including, have a "Wii mini" button when the Wii menu is highlighted; at the time of writing the link only goes to an error screen. It seems that, rather like the brief availability of Scribblenauts Unlimited on the European Wii U eShop, someone has somewhat jumped the gun.

Of course, until officially announced this merely classifies as a rumour, as the menu may be an innocent mistake. While Wii Mini's arrival in Europe isn't necessarily a surprise, as a console it still is — even at a cheap price equivalent to that in Canada it'll only be a little more affordable than the standard full-fat model, and as the image attached shows it's not even particularly "mini" in comparison to the already diminutive Wii.

Don't forget that you can check out our Wii Mini hardware review of an imported system. So, assuming this is true, what do you think of its arrival, and how cheap will it need to be in order to be a more attractive offer than a standard Wii?

Wii Mini Europe 2

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