See the world, sort of

It may be the most loved up day of the year and an occasion for Nintendo Direct madness, but we still have a download update to deal with. Nintendo delayed the details slightly while Reggie Fils-Aime and company did their thing, but now we know about a Wii U app and a mixture of goodies across all systems, so let's get to it.

Wii U eShop

Wii Street U Powered by Google (Nintendo, free) — Not long after its arrival in Japan, this free download makes its way West to give Wii U owners use of a customised version of Google Street view. This app lets you explore 360 degree views using the GamePad motion controls; you can either choose a destination or quickly jump to 70 iconic pre-set locations. We'll snoop around the virtual streets and bring you our thoughts soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Dig Dug (Namco Bandai, $3.99) — This NES title may not be as well known as some, due to it originally failing to make it out of Japan until its appearance on the Wii Virtual Console. It's a NES version of an arcade title, so despite some occasionally fun action puzzling there's a shortage of unique levels — they eventually loop until you run out of lives. We'll be going into the depths for a fresh review of this 3DS VC release, but until then you can check out our Dig Dug Wii Virtual Console review

3DS retail demo

NARUTO Powerful Shippuden (Namco Bandai, free) — Arriving in March, this is a side-scrolling adventure featuring Naruto & Rock Lee, with cute presentation, two different stories and accessible gameplay targeting all ages. Now you can have a free sample to see whether it packs a punch.

3DS retail downloads

Rabbids Travel in Time 3D (Ubisoft, $29.99)
Petz Fantasy 3D (Ubisoft, $29.99)


Moke Moke (G-STYLE, 200 Nintendo Points) — This action rumble game is a surprise import from Japan; it features single player levels but seems to focus on battle-royale style matches for up to four players. Details on this are scarce — at the time of writing there isn't even an official Nintendo profile page — but we'll fearlessly jump in and bring you a review soon.

Wii Virtual Console

World Heroes 2 Jet (D4 Enterprise, 900 Nintendo Points) — It's Neo Geo, it's fighting, so you mostly know the drill. This one's the third in this particular series, a direct sequel to World Heroes 2 and predecessor to World Heroes Perfect. Once we get over that confusion we'll get scrapping to bring you a review.

After the thrills and spills of Nintendo Direct, it's a slightly quiet week, it seems. Let us know what you think and what you intend to buy in the comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (234 votes)

  1. Dig Dug (3DS Virtual Console)10%
  2. Rabbids Travel in Time 3D (3DS retail download)1%
  3. Petz Fantasy 3D (3DS retail download)  0%
  4. Moke Moke (DSiWare)  0.4%
  5. World Heroes 2 Jet (Wii Virtual Console)3%
  6. Only freebie downloads for me59%
  7. Nothing for me this week26%

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