Neko Entertainment currently has one game submerged in the Wii U eShop with Puddle. Fortunately for us the creative flow is still streaming at the Paris-based studio, as the developer has revealed it has another Wii U title in the pipeline.

In an interview with Nintendo Chronicle, the developer drizzled in some interesting news regarding the work it's currently wading through:

We are working on several games on many platforms. The Nintendo Wii U will be one of these platforms! But I cannot tell you more at the moment!

We have absolutely no idea what new game Neko Entertainment currently has in the works. It could be a sequel to Puddle, or maybe it will be a new title entirely. It's likely the new project will be made for the eShop, but perhaps Neko will take the plunge and release a full retail game. We'll just have to wait a while for more news to filter through.

What are your thoughts on this absorbing news? Would you like to see more from Neko Entertainment in the Wii U eShop? Let us know by dropping a comment below.