Runner2 Ss1

Gaijin Games has announced that BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien has been submitted to Nintendo for final approval - which means the release can't be far away.

The Wii U edition of the game - which is also coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade - was the third to be submitted.

Posting on the Runner 2 developer blog, Gaijin CEO Alex Neuse passed on the following information:

We have just blasted all the console versions of your next favorite game off to be judged by Sontendosoft.

It was a grueling journey here at the end, and none of us slept much, ate much, or stayed sane much as we finished off the console builds. Just for fun, here're a few of the bumps and scratches that we fully dominated in the final hours!

PSN - 1st to submit

  • Minutes before uploading, we discovered an issue with the leaderboards that meant we had to cut a very minor leaderboard feature from this version. Luckily, it was just icing, and wasn't the actual cake that we cut. Nor was it the cheese.
  • We managed to sneak in an amazing description for something that we imagine no one will ever read.
  • Andrew and I filled out the incredible submission forms over a few beers. I hope they accept forms filled out in crayon.

XBLA - 2nd to submit

  • We packaged everything up all super nice and tasty, and sent it off, free of drama.
  • Then we got word that everything we tied a nice bow around had to be delivered differently, and we spent a few days figuring out how to hand it off in just the right way. It was like when the TSA tells you to unpack and repack your luggage because they suspect that your 4 ounces of anal salve is a bomb.
  • It was a minor delay, but we'll still make the plane. But we did have a few Schlörtz Premium Malt Fluids on our way to the gate.

Wii U - 3rd to submit

  • Again, mere minutes before uploading, we found a bug that we absolutely couldn't ship with. And it wasn't an easy fix either.
  • Andrew took a step back, breathed deeply, and then ninjaed a fix on Monday, three days after we had initially wanted to submit. But this was an important feature, and we are happy that we found the bug now rather than after we shipped.
  • We uploaded to Nintendo with confidence and even though we're not always in the same office, I like to think that we all raised our glasses to one another for a job well done.

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