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It would seem that Nintendo's much-maligned Virtual Boy console is undergoing something of a renaissance at present. Last month we reported that Bound High - a Virtual Boy game which never saw the light of day when the console was originally released - had gone into production thanks to the efforts of hardcore fans. Amazingly, the same thing is happening again, with a hitherto unseen port of Faceball called NikoChan Battle.

The story behind this seemingly lost game is amazing. A user posted images of NikoChan Battle in action on the PlanetVB forums, and promised that the game was in safe hands. Within weeks, the user had sold the game code to two dedicated Virtual Boy lovers for a considerable sum. The pair now intend to create physical copies of the game for $100 a piece, and once all of these exclusive editions have been sold, they will upload the ROM to the internet for free.

It just goes to show that even consoles like the Virtual Boy - which is considered to be Nintendo's biggest failure - can attract some seriously devoted fans.

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